Valentina Vela

Valentina is a Colombian artist based in London. Before coming to the UK, she spent six years in Abu Dhabi, UAE where she worked as a writing and speaking instructor and a global academic fellow after completing her undergraduate degree in Theatre at NYU Abu Dhabi. As an artist, she has engaged in community-based performances, documentary theatre, and solo work, collaborating with theatre companies in New York, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Lima, and Paris. During her MA at Central, Valentina has begun exploring the textures of bilingual storytelling as a performance in identity and memory. She has most recently began inquiring into the intersecting codes of heritage, gender, and culture embedded in and written on her body, and the ways of activating them in space. For more information about her and her work, you can visit her online portfolio at


Join a participatory social event involving you, me, and my parents! Come for the dance, stay for the cultural interrogation! Diverting and dis/secting relationships, this interactive performance is an exercise in dis/locating and de/centering bodies in space. It attempts to make manifest the invisible labour of code switching that defines the experience of being a bilingual, bicultural immigrant in a monolingual environment. The project began as a series of translations, metaphors, and remediations of a felt sense of dis/location, and an attempt at manifesting intimacy through distance in the act of language switching during the performance of autobiographical memories. Following that exploration, this emerging practice plays around with the rules and expectations of space, place, people, and behaviour, as it externalises and embodies cultural code-switching by inviting others to engage in communication across time, space, language and culture, in the act of dance.

JUNE 25TH AND 27TH, 7:15 PM