Tim Martin-Jones is an aspiring theatre theory-practitioner, primarily concerned with bodily provocations arising from art and philosophy. His interests currently lie in German painting and literature, ranging from the German Romantics and Nietzsche, through to the New Objectivists and Brecht. However, he also maintains garrisons within psychoanalysis, dance culture, military history, and classical music. He is presently engaged with a Nietzschean discourse on the joys of hardened living, becoming, and knowing; thinking through how we can know ourselves and experience others in live performance settings. Born and raised in the Midlands, Tim read a BA in Drama and Theatre at Prifysgol Aberystwyth, realising his 2019 debut solo work Raving/Fit on the main stage at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. After graduating, Tim moved to The Central School of Speech and Drama to study an MA in Performance Practice as Research. There, he continues to research modes of corporeal existence through performance.

You can access Constraint here: https://brinkfestival.cargo.site/CONSTRAINT

That beloved call from the mind of a proclaimed heretic; Baruch Spinoza instructs us, ‘no one has yet determined what the body can do’. (Spinoza, B. (1994) Ethics, pg. 71, trans. Curley, E.) And what a joyful thought this is!

By watching and embracing another body, opening ourselves to the potentiality of being affected, we can take some steps, unique to us in our own individual becoming, to realise a little more about our own bodies. Abilities, moods, occasional thoughts: these are the substances that this work attempts to provoke.

This work attempts to establish the reckoning of bodily ability in relation to our own living archives. Instead of thinking through our mind, we can attempt to think through our body, and the experience of falling.

The collected mediums herein act as a few, a happy few, for those who are curious about thinking through their own body in these darkened times.