Pavlos Panagiotidis is a theatre director and an experience designer. He works on hybrid forms of performance that combine aspects from theatre and digital media. During his research in RCCSD, he explores Social Media platforms as theatrical spaces. He co-founded Prosehos Subway, a group of Greek artists based in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has created and played in immersive, site-specific performances and productions of classical and contemporary European plays. He trained as an actor in “Andreas Voutsinas” Drama School in Greece and has studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a specialization in Computational Astronomy. He has worked as a Physics teacher in UK and Greek schools.


Peter Brook has written that any empty space can be called a bare stage. Does the same premise apply to cyberspace? What if every empty online space can be seen as an empty stage? If someone walking across space and someone watching them are all it takes for an act of theatre to engage, does that mean that someone posting on a social media platform and someone seeing the post are all it takes for an act of cybertheatre to engage? In a project that started before COVID-19 outbreak, but now seems more relevant than ever, Pavlos Panagiotidis explores the possibilities of devising, directing, acting and spectating in the cyberspace.