John Kurzynowski

How do I Know when I kNow that I knOw what I knoW that I KNow when I knOW how I KNOW when I ...

Wednesday 3rd July (10am–9pm) —

30-min individualised participatory events

I encounter a practice and it encounters me. How do I develop my own knowing-how to execute this established practice based on my limited knowing-what the practice is or requires? Through the practicing of this new practice how do I then understand profoundly, intuitively and empathetically – or grok, as coined by Robert A. Heinlein – the original practice? Does the practice grok me in return? And when do I know that I’ve successfully grokked this practice through the practicing of my practice of the practice?

I’m inviting you to encounter a durational practicing of a practice of practicing practice, during which time I will be attempting to determine how I know when I know that I know WHAT I know about practicing my practice of practicing practices.

How do I Know when I kNow that I knOw what I knoW that I KNow when I knOW how I KNOW when I ... is an individualised participatory event.

Participants will be asked to encounter a pre-established practice for 15 minutes which may involve physical movement. Each participant will be given the opportunity to alter the practice to meet their own accessibility or sensory requirements. Specific instructions will be emailed to each participant the day before the event. Each encounter may be recorded for documentation purposes but only with the participant's expressed consent prior to entering the space.

Please email with any questions or specific accessibility requirements so accommodations can be made.

John Kurzynowski is a performance writer, researcher and practitioner currently investigating the intersection of practice, knowledging, repetition and intuition within contemporary performance practices. As a theatre maker, he has conceived and directed a number of original works that have dealt with the collective remembering of canonical theatrical texts or traditions, the playful deconstruction and exploration of those dramatic texts, and the intuitive reconstruction of the newly devised material into postdramatic performance scripts. He previously served as the Founding Artistic Director of Theater Reconstruction Ensemble, a former Brooklyn-based non-profit producing organisation, during which time he collaborated with award-winning playwright Jaclyn Backhaus on the development and presentation of several critically-acclaimed scripted works of experimental theatre. He has collaborated in multiple artistic capacities with Target Margin Theater, The Talking Band, and OBIE Award-winning artists David Greenspan, David Herskovits, and Tina Shepard, among others.