Jessica Manu 


Tuesday 2nd July (7:15pm)
Thursday 4th July (7pm)

CO-OCCURRENCE is a solo performance that investigates how a Black British Ghanaian female identity navigates in different spaces while embodying expectations, contradiction, erasure and resistance. Intersecting gender and cultures through the body and intermediality this layered performance- installation blurs boundaries through the sharing of autobiographical experiences.

Jessica is a British-Ghanaian artist, writer and performance maker. While studying English Literature and Theatre, Jessica started researching into the complexities within African diasporic identities on contemporary British stages. As an artist and performance marker, she has worked on community based theatre, immersive theatre and solo work within theatres across London such as National Theatre, Lyric Theatre and Bush Theatre. Jessica is also Artistic director of Black British Aesthetic which produces Q&A based decisions exploring contemporary culture and the politics of representation in the arts. During her MA at Central, Jessica has begun exploring the “in between” spaces inhabited by hybrid identities. Using her body as the vessel to unpack the intersections of being a Black British Ghanaian woman.