Jack Hewitt 

State of Pla(y)net Earth

Wednesday 3rd July (Open Gallery from 1–6:30pm followed by a 30 min presentation)

Jack’s practice stemmed originally from the study of Alter Ego focusing heavily on emotion and identity.

Whilst working with his Alter Ego Jack has stumbled across a writing framework, based around conversation, which is used in his creation of scripture. Having spent a year developing this script building technique and realising its impact as a tool of aid Jack is ready to test this technique with others.

Having always depicted, pondered and attempted to frame life within his work, Jack came to a realisation: His voice alone is not enough. It is impossible to posit life through one lived experience, one person’s truth, as we all have unique environmental frameworks. Multiple voices in creation means a wider understanding and world view.  

Jack is now implementing this change. Using the same writing formula as before but now in conversation with others. The work is based around a study of how the state of the earth is viewed by the public. Jack creates a series of questions surrounding the subject allowing for a broad response and freedom in answering. No restrictive topics in questioning (ex. What is your opinion on..) but leading conversation (Do you believe the earth is in a bad state- (y/n)- expand.)  Jack will then sit and formulate a script with the interviewee using their words, building their truth.

This technique has been adapted and designed to give a platform to hear the unheard. By bringing people together to debate topics we are spreading knowledge and sparking conversation. Through unification a voice becomes a power, a truth. If it is ignored it is a fabrication, a lie, a myth and a story.

Bare witness to the amalgamation of this work and take time to ponder and absorb the truths of many and not just one. What is the overriding voice? Does this make this the people’s truth?

Jack Hewitt is a creator and facilitator of multimedia lecture performance aimed to inspire and awaken.

Obtained degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Greenwich. Specialising in Directing, including the first staging of a Tim Price play, and performance creation, which stemmed the birth of an alter ego still prominent in his practice.  

Operations Manager and Content Developer at Hyper Reality, a Virtual Reality Café. Jack creates original VR performances and footage unique to Hyper which encapsulates Hyper’s altered realities and attempts to revolutionise gaming.

Creative Director at Vibe, a Networking and Production Company formed in Early 2019. Jack’s work at the Vibe is about bringing together fresh, passionate creatives to create community based projects, performance and media.

Jack, using his alter ego, aims to cross over the worlds of Theatre, Film/ Television and Virtual Reality spreading his message across the 3 platforms. Trying to recapture the essence of performance as an event, not easily accessible, and dedication needed to gather a full picture.