Exercises For Exposing And Expelling The Death Drive In A Sadomasochistic Age


Ida Mirow is a Swedish writer, dramaturg and interdisciplinary artist based in Stockholm. Inspired by LARPs, she engages in interactive and participationary practices that allow us to question and reconfigure the stories we tell about ourselves and our place in the world. She is interested in the dichotomy of the rational and the irrational, and the occurrences when these merge. In here performance practice she works with themes surrounding climate change, modernity and mortality, and their psychological implications.

She holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Stockholm University and is the founder and editor of a literary magazine. Her poetry and non-fiction writing has been published in several Scandinavian and British magazines. The development of her independent project for Central’s MA in Performance Practice as Research can be followed on instagram at @e.e.e.d.d.s.a. 
Ida Mirow’s research project is a series of sessions in which her participants are invited to partake in exercises, each of which are designed to address emotions brought on by climate change. Inspired by psychoanalysis, the exercises are developed based on the assumption that environmental destruction is a result of humanity's inherent death drive, and that emotional responses to climate change by principle fall into two main categories: those of the sadist and those of the masochist. Mirow’s role as exercise leader is an invitation for participants to place their trust in her, or not.

The live sessions are documented and  available to the public in the shape of an online library of text, image and video. You can access the library here: