Giedrė Degutytė

premise: An act of hula hooping is a skill-based object manipulation which is performed by somebody somewhere for a particular purpose or in a particular context, and therefore in a particular manner.
(What are the fundamentals of a hula hoop practice?)

event: A hula hoop performance.
(How does a hula hoop practice about hula hooping look like?)

performer: Giedrė Degutytė.
(Without me there is no performance.)

statement: I am a hula hooper and I am bored of repetition.
(What if boredom becomes a muse?)

definition: The feeling of boredom emerges as an indicative response of anyone who is not fully engaged or, more precisely, entertained at a given moment or by a given object or event. -Haladyn
(What happens if one accepts being bored and shifts between boredom and interest?)

critical lens: Clowning
(What happens if one accepts the existing skill set of hula hooping and strives for freedom by shifting between genius and idiot, virtuosity and failure?)

task: To find balance between discipline and freedom; and an openness to change.
(What if fundamentals of hula hooping are questioned, contradicted, subverted and simultaneously negated/justified?)

keywords: circus, hula hoop, discipline, virtuosity, physical, repetition, boredom, clowning, failure, task-based action, freedom to change, binary choice

Giedre Degutyte is a Lithuanian born hula hoop artist and an associate of Duende Ensemble Physical Theatre, based in London and Paris. Trained in improvisation and butoh dance, she combines holistic practices and clowning to explore the act of hula hooping as a circus discipline and looks for freedom within the established yet essential canons of virtuosity and failure. Her practice as research digs into the state of boredom as a trigger for action to acknowledge the existing, recognize the limiting and extend beyond mere interest. She holds a BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds.