Bryan Muñoz 

Blended Affor-Dances of ‘Gozo’

Tuesday 2nd July (8pm)
Thursday 4th July (7:45pm)

To what extent are the social divisions and hierarchy of society inscribed in our body, and vice versa? How much could this affect and influence performance practices? Sharing with others often implies a sort of mutual understanding that is produced under circumstances that are worthy of analysis and resignification.

Emotions, thoughts and feelings are present and normalized in our daily ‘habitus’; through them we portray elements of diverse heritages and the poetics of our inner rhythm in which movement and sound have never been separated.

Bryan is attempting to prove that music has a transformative power to provoke collective actions of social change. His practice aims to foster a space to assemble and attune participants in order to expose those relationships through a musical device; a sonic, handmade communal environment.

An encounter based on an active hearing of our social environment would allow us to have a better understanding of its complex processes and develop artistic practices closer to equity, enjoyment and welfare.

Bryan Muñoz is a Colombian interdisciplinary performer, teacher and researcher based in London, United Kingdom. Bryan is a flutist with more than 20 years of experience in orchestral performance and has won several prestigious awards as a flute soloist; Winner of the Orquesta filarmonica de Bogotá's Contest of Young Talents (2009) and candidate in the 3rd Maxence Larrieu International Flute Competition (2015) in Nice, France. Before coming to Central, Bryan was performing with top classical orchestras of Bogotá - Colombia, teaching flute to children in a public school and mentoring the woodwinds assemble at a Young Orchestra. As an actor, He was performing in opera and physical training spectacles. Along his career he alternated musical and acting training, the product of which has focused his vision towards a research that seeks to generate assemble in intercultural communities. He holds a BA as musician - flutist from the National Conservatory of Music at National University of Colombia.